Hello & a warm welcome

A big Hello from Janet

Welcome and thank you for joining me on a journey towards a more energetic and fulfilling life. I have been on this path to wellness for quite a while now, (no spring chicken here), and have learnt many things about health and how there is so much misinformation that we are given about things that are meant to be good for us, when in fact they are the opposite. I have not reached my health, fitness and life goals as yet, but I am finally on the right path. I will be delighted if you would  join me on this journey of discovery where we can toss ideas around, support and cheer each other on.

A few things that I am not

I am certainly not Young in body, but my mind believes it is only 25yrs old! People have commented on my ‘brain’ age – sounding younger than my 70 chronological years. I am not a medical professional (once in a previous life a few moons ago – nursing, ambulance, first aid training all added to my life experiences and my knowledge),  I do not proclaim to be an expert in any given area, but have picked up knowledge through life experience, research, observation, discussing and listening to those who are experts in their fields, and trying various products and plans.

A few things that I am

I am Passionate about learning the truth about health foods, supplements and some medications including dispelling any myths about these things, sharing the results with those like minded people who also have an interest in these areas. I will always include my research sources so you can check for yourself, which I urge you to do. I am passionate about helping others improve their lives and giving people options – one size definitely does not fit all! I am also very passionate about putting real genuine smiles on dials – I love to bring a sense of joy to as many as I can reach.

All I ask of those who do read and are interested in following up with action, that before you make any radical changes that you consult your doctor or medical professional, especially if you have any existing medical conditions (as do I), so I understand the frustrations of that but also the safety aspects for you. I aim to be very transparent so verifying the research is paramount, I will always do my due diligence prior to publishing any information on stepin2life.com, so not only feel free to double check but I would always recommend doing research for yourself, especially before making significant changes.

I am so pleased you are here reading this and other articles to come and must say if it wasn’t for wealthy affiliate I would not be here. They are amazing, supportive and fun, building this website has been a long time dream for me and, finally, I am getting it done, if it shouts out to you feel free to click on the link below for more information:(https://www.wealthyaffiliate.com?a_aid=1243b6dme),

What we are about

The purpose of stepin2life is to provide alternative options aimed at Improving lives, restoring energy and freedoms. Energy and freedom to be capable of enjoying everyday life – however that looks for you.

It is aimed at creating discussions and thoughts on various health foods and supplements, and other areas which may contribute to a better life,  hopefully providing enlightenment and clarity through the minefield which we often find ourselves negotiating.  I welcome any suggestions to research other products that I haven’t thought of or got to yet.  As this is a ‘young’ site, there are not a lot of articles just yet, but there will be more on the way.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best


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